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Tiffany's Place Covenant (Rules)

Tiffany's Place is a community gathering place for high school students with a special day set aside for middle school students. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, everyone will be required to sign the following covenant prior to admission to the center.

I will behave respectfully. I understand that fighting and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

I will not participate in public displays of affection at the center.

I will dress with modesty and respect for myself, my peers, volunteers, and the employees of Tiffany's Place. If my attire is deemed inappropriate by the Tiffany's Place staff, I may be asked to go home and change.

I will not use vulgar or profane language.

I will not play music or computer games deemed objectionable by adult chaperones.

I will not use tobacco products inside or outside of Tiffany's Place. If I am caught doing so I will be asked to leave the premises.

I will not possess weapons of any kind.

I will not consume, distribute, or be under the influence of alcohol.

I will not possess, distribute, or be under the influence of any illegal substance.

I understand that I must be a high school or middle school student to participate in all Tiffany's Place programs during specified times.

I will be required to present my Tiffany's Place I.D. while entering and departing the facility. NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT A TIFFANY'S PLACE I.D.

I will display my I.D. at all times while attending Tiffany's Place.

I understand that out-of-town guest (high school/middle school) are welcome and must abide by all guidelines presented in this covenant.

I will treat all property and equipment at Tiffany's Place with respect.

Tiffany's Place employees and volunteers are not responsible for youth after teen center operational hours.

Middle school parents will be required to come into Tiffany's Place to pick up their child. Middle school children will not be allowed to leave Tiffany's Place unless a parent or relative comes inside to get them.

I understand that violating this covenant may result in the following consequences:

I may be asked to leave.

I may be temporarily or permanently banned from attending Tiffany's Place.

If I am suspected of possessing, using, or distributing alcohol or illegal substances I may be detained while authorities are contacted.


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